New Summer Lippies: MAC amp Smashbox

My two newest lipsticks to celebrate the summer: MAC`s Viva Glam Nicki and Smashbox`s Be Legendary Melondrama. I also picked up MAC`s Hey, Sailor! Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Shore Leave.

Here are my first impressions on them - take note I`ve only worn each one about once or twice so far.

MAC`s Viva Glam Nicki:
I didn`t pick it up when it first came out because I got the first Nicki Minaj one, Pink Friday, and the colour didn`t appeal to. Assuming they are colours that suit Nicki Minaj/something she would wear, I just assumed that this second one wouldn`t look good on me either. But I got the change to actually try it on in store and I really liked it! It`s a cool-tone bright pink with a little hint of warmth/yellow to it (which is what I feel made it more suited for me). The formula is nice and silky, and easily applicable - which is a change for me since I`m usually not a big fan of Satin finish lipsticks. If you want the bright Nicki Minaj-like colour, apply it directly like normal. But you can also dab it on or use a lip brush to apply it for a more subtle/natural look. Of course it`s not exactly a natural/MLBB colour because there is still the bright pinkness to it, but definitely more wearable if you want it to be. Overall, I very much like it and I`ll definitely be wearing it as the bold colour it is, for this summer! I`m wearing it in the photo of myself that I posted.

Smashbox`s Be Legendary Melondrama:
This colour is a coral melon colour. More to the reddish/orange side of the coral spectrum, rather than the pink side. I opted for this colour because I was bummed out that I couldn`t find a bright orange lipstick that suited me, so I went for the most orange coral I could find. I do like this colour a lot! It does stand on the cooler-tone side because it`s really close to washing my face out (but it doesn`t!). The texture is great and the colour is bright, but not a screaming neon. I have to admit, the staying power doesn`t impress me as much, but to find a colour like this that finally suited me, I didn`t care!

MAC`s Hey, Sailor! Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Shore Leave:
I needed a lipliner to suit my new coral/bright coloured lipsticks. I made the mistake of not trying this one on first. Originally, I wanted In Anticipation to go with my Viva Glam Nicki, but it was sold out at the time and I desperately needed a lipliner to wear my new lipstick! I grabbed this one without trying it and to be honest, if I would have tried it first, I probably wouldn`t have ended up buying it. Yes, it`s a nice colour, but overall, it wasn`t worth the price. The formula is dry and almost chalky. The colour itself comes up lighter/more transparent than what it says it should be, but with a bit more layering and effort, it comes out more opaque ...but turns into a bright (neon-ish) pink, rather than a coral, as it claims to be. Overall, the colour is decent, the formula isn`t ideal and I only would have bought this if it was cheaper. It`s nice, but not worth the price.

Hope this helps you with any shopping trips you`re going to have! Let me know your thoughts on these lippies or any summer lippies you`d recommend (:

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