New South Korean Internet Trend: Food GluttonyGorging!

Being a big fan of Korean culture myself, I found it really interesting when a new South Korean trend emerged recently: Food Gluttony! What entails in this new internet trend is viewers tune in to regular people eating obscene amounts of food for hours, reports Kotaku, a gaming website that also tracks digital trends in Asia. And from this, an indvidual stream can make up to $3,000 from internet hits alone!!

Leading this internet trend is a cute South Korean broadcast jockey named The Diva who, in one sitting, can eat up to 35 eggs, a box of crab legs, or five packs of instant noodles!!

Streamed on a peer-to-peer online video network called Afreeca TV, the medium allows viewers to make donations to their favourite online personalities by way of a virtual currency called Star Balloons, that can be turned into real-world money which The Diva uses to fund her broadcasting adventures in food.

This trend is taking South Korea by a storm which I find really interesting because it is kind of strange to watch people eat. Social commentators are saying it`s not really about watching a pretty person eat but more the fact that people don`t want to eat alone so they tune into these broadcast jockeys. PRETTY interesting. What do you think?

Side note, that food definitely looks yummy. Wouldn`t mind some of that myself! :)

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