New Silicone Strap Watch in Purple from Target!

I went to Target in hopes of finding a rose gold watch that I have seen posted on luuux a few times but I couldn`t find it. I need a watch for work because sometimes I`m not in front of the computer and the clock that is nearby is broken -- I also think it`s not appropriate for me to take out my phone and check the time even though everyone around me does. I am still a newbie so maybe a month or so later.. I settled with purchasing a purple silicone strap watch from Target by the Xhilaration brand. I was debating whether to get the black or red but I liked the purple better. I didn`t know they had white available til` I checked online.. white looks prettier in my opinion but based on a review the straps turned yelow after awhile? The watch was only $12.99 and it`s very self explanatory - basic, easy to read and trendy. For the price, I am not complaining because a watch battery is easily $5 and the watch comes with a battery so it`s "like" the watch itself is only $8. I can`t wait to wear my new watch to work tomorrow.

<strong>Are you a watch person? Do you wear a watch to work or school?</strong>

Want the same watch?

Also available in white, black, red, blue, and orange.

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