New Samsung Galaxy SIII

5 years ago

Samsung has great devices and it is the brand that most direct compete with Apple, no doubts about it... Some say that the Samsung Galaxy SII, is better than the iPhone 4s... I agree with that, I don`t know if you agree or not, but a thing that I know for sure is that if it isn`t better, it is at least as good as the iPhone 4s. And you have to notice that Galaxy SII was released in February 2011 and 4s in October 2011, so there are 8 months between the official announcement of these two. 8 months in technology world is a huge amount of time, so I think that 2011 definitely was the year that took Samsung to the top.

So, if Galaxy SII is this good, can you imagine the quality and the astonishing piece of technology that the Samsung Galaxy SIII would be? I can`t... I think that Samsung will rock the world with this new phone... It is expected to have the most awesome features ever.

Until now, there are no news or even rumors about the supposed features of this phone, but it apparently appeared on the CES2012, on the Samsung conference.

According to the source link, an unidentified and incredibly thin device appeared, with a 4.6" screen, a frontal camera and an impressive image quality... So, some rumors point for this to be the new Galaxy SIII that is expected to be officially announced next month.

I`m very anxious about this phone... If this really is how it will look like, it certainly is the most impressive phone that I`ve seen. And if it has awesome features like its ancestors had, this will clearly be the best phone ever.

What do you think about this? Could this really be the Galaxy SIII? Are you anxious about the official announcement?

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