New Router = Faster Connection: Asus RT-N53 Router Dual-Band Wireless-N

My computer has been really slow lately and it`s been pissing the crap out of me because the router has a lot of devices connected via wireless (tv, computers, smartphones and so forth) that it is slowing my connection! I went to Fry`s Electronics and asked the sales associate what he recommended and he asked my price range and I told him I didn`t care as long as it worked well. He recommended the <strong>Asus RT-N53 Router Deal-Band Wireless-N</strong>. He told me it is the world`s fast router right now and they even had a whole display about why Asus is the best router and it beats D-Link, Draytek Vigor, Apple Airport Extreme, Dlink and Netgear so why not try it out. The router was $69.99+ tax and my total was $76. I don`t want to be spending $76 but there is a two years warranty plus the router seems promising.

<strong>FIRST IMPRESSIONS:</strong>
My parents were experiencing lagging with their Vietnamese Drama website while on their Computer and the site has been LAG FREE now since I got this router! Normally they would go on the site watch 5 minutes and then it lags.. then they have to wait and take forever to watch a clip that is supposed to be 20 minutes, it would take them 40. Not anymore though, wee they are super happy and I am too cause I don`t have to hear them complain how the net is so slow!
My computer is not SLOW anymore, wee! It`s back to full capacity =)
The router was easy to install. I didn`t have any problems and it`s secured too cause I made a password. Not sure why some people skip the step of adding a password.... but if you don`t have a password, you`re definitely generous to share your Internet!
The design of the router is somewhat cheaply made out of plastic but it looks pretty nice. I like the black and blue but for $76, I wish it was better quality but it`ll do.

I will be testing this router out for the next couple weeks and after a month I`ll do a through review to see if it lives up to its expectations and if its worth the price.

<strong>What router are you currently using?</strong>

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