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4 years ago

*my photos* Hi everyone! I`m back with another nail polish mini haul! I REALLY need to stop buying polishes.. because I`m sure I have over 80 bottles but I can`t help it! I`m an addict. )= And I still want colors from the new Essie collection! =X Luuux is an enabler! lol. Onto the polishes!

FROM RIGHT TO LEFT (because I just feel like going in a weird order)
I had extra care bucks + a $3/10 coupon for CVS so I picked up two colors from the Kardashian Kolors collection for Nicole by OPI. I got both for $10! What a steal! I don`t really care for the family in general, but these colors were pretty. I got a peachy nude creme called Paparazzi Don`t Preach. It is seriously one of my favorites because on my fingers, it looks like the PERFECT nude! & it`s really hard to come across a perfect nude.. I have a post on it except I don`t know how to link it.. LOL. So just go to my page and look for it! haha.

Next is a dark purple with gold and dark pink shimmers. It`s called Smile for the Glam-era. I`ve ALWAYS been drawn to colors like this. After I bought it, I realized it REALLY reminded me of OPI`s Teas-y Does It from the Burlesque collection, which of course, I HAVE. -__- But I don`t have the bottle with me at my dorm so I couldn`t do an actual comparison. I just looked up swatches online and it`s similar but different enough for me to still want both. Teas-y Does It seems like a plum to many, but I think it`s a deep maroon/red with copper and pink shimmers. Some of you may think you`ll only need one, but a nail polish addict like me still wants both. I love both of them and I do think they are different. (Look at me trying to justify my purchase haha)

Lastly, I stopped by a beauty supply store today to check out some of OPI`s most recent collections. I kind of hate this beauty store because their discount sucks. It`s a discount none-the-less but the percent they give off only takes care of a little more than tax. ): Los Angeles tax is RIIIDDDICULOUS! Ugh! Anyways, I got this polish for around $7 and trust me, I`m never buying polish there ever again. I`ll stick with my beauty store back home where I can get it for $4. I only bought it for $7 because I wasn`t sure if this color would still be around in 2 weeks when I`ll actually be home. It`s called Nothin` Mousie `Bout It from the Minnie Mouse collection. When I first saw the collection, I thought to myself "ehhh nothing fancy or special." Boy was I wrong! I did like the other 3 colors, but they really looked like they could be duped. I loved this polish NOT FOR THE CUTE PALE PINK HEARTS, but for the glitter polish it`s suspended in. It`s a GORGEOUS shimmery pale pink with PURPLE, BLUE, GOLD, & PINK glitters! Isn`t that pretty?! I`ll do a swatch soon! Oh, I believe Nicole by OPI had a similar heart glitter polish? Was it the Justin Bieber collection? I honestly don`t remember.. I thought about buying that one a long time ago, but this one is DEFINITELY better!

Hope y`all enjoyed. What`s your opinion on these colors? Tried them out yourself, yet?

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