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Hey everyone!

So I`ve gotten a new phone a couple months ago. I can now give my full host opinion on this phone, the HTC EVO 4g, from Virgin Mobile.

I love this phone a lot. I said previously, on a post, that I don`t like androids AT ALL. Well I was going to purchase an iPhone originally, but when I went to e store to buy it, they didn`t have any in stock. I ended up buying the HTC EVO 4g, even though I really didn`t want to, but I did anyway.

At first, I really hated this phone (I was so set on getting an iPhone). It took a couple weeks for me to accept the phone, but once I did, I fell in love! I can easily customize whatever I want with the phone, adding different widgets and apps, and changing the format of the phone. It was such a difference from the typical iPhone with only apps and a background.

Speaking of apps, this phone has a bunch of apps available. And bunch of apps, such as angry birds, are free!

The only things that I would like, is a better battery life. The battery drains quickly and I often find myself having to not use the phone sometimes to save my battery.

Other than that, I really do love my phone. However, if I did have the option to change to an iPhone, I still would.

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