New Orleans Saints Hangs On. 2-4

4 years ago

I can`t believe my own eyes that we won another freaking game. You guys and ladies don`t know how excited I was when I saw my boys beat the Bucs. As a big fan to my hometown, I surely did wear my jersey even if I`m at home in my room watching the Saints game. I root for these guys as if I`m at the actual game. LOL I`m my own fan when it comes to Football. But yeah! This was one crazy ashy game I tell you. At first freaking Drew Brees threw an interception right when the game first started. Of course the Bucs scored a touchdown while it as only in a minute and something. Yet again the Bucs scored another winning touchdown. I kept praying the Saints needs to start scoring or else. Slowly the Saints started to get some points on the score. I must say they had plays that had me all over. All of that from rooting and screaming for them to score. There were so many great memories I remembered from that game. To name a few I would`ve to say when Joesph Morgan ran and went ninja on three of the Bucs players. I couldn`t stop laughing at this small little guy doing that. HAHA Also when Malcolm Jenkins ran about 60 yards to stop a Buc player scoring a touchdown. I was like Malcolm Jenkins is a true New Orleans player because he would run that far to stop the other team scoring a touchdown. I couldn`t believe how fast he ran. Ahhhhh! Another good thing I was proud was when the defense team decided to play today. I mean they aren`t the greatest this season, but damn they did their job today. Stopping Bucs from scoring a touchdown because it would`ve been crazy if they didn`t`. Lastly, OMG! It was about a few second that the Bucs could`ve tied the game, but luckily Patrick Robinson pushed the player out before he caught the touchdown. I literally almost peed in my pants when I saw the ball being caught in Buc`s player arms. HAHA Of yeah! Jonathan Vilma is finally back with his team. Joe Vitts returns next week and will be our head coach for the rest of the 2012-13 Football season. We MISS YOU SEAN PAYTON! Questionnaire: 1. Are you shock that I like makeup, but watch Football? LOL 2. Are you a Saints fan? Who`s your favorite player? Follow, rate & comments. Check source link for credits. sports

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