I am so excited that we finally got one of these. I mean, it`s probably the most expensive mattress I have ever slept on, but it is so comfortable. I just had to try that experiment from those commercials. I put a wine glass on one end and jumped on the bed; it didn`t spill (just sayin`!).

It`s really comfortable because the mattress is hard enough that it provides support, but you do sort of sink into the memory foam slowly, and it sort of hugs your body. It`s seriously so comfortable, and I really have noticed a difference ever since we got it. My boyfriend and I have both have joint or back problems, mine are from dance and his are from football. We don`t do those sports as much anymore, only for fun, but the old injuries come back to haunt you! I have trouble sleeping because sometimes if I stay in a position for too long, it really hurts certain joints or my back. With this, I have been sleeping through the night for a full three weeks now. I used to always wake up occasionally, toss and turn, and go back to sleep, so it`s been years since I have had a really good restful night`s sleep.

I highly recommend this for everyone! Even if you don`t have sleeping problems like I do, maybe it`ll just enhance your sleep states.

<em>Have you tried memory foam mattresses before?</em>

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