NEW Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Collection

Maybelline just launched five new shades to their permanent line with the Color Tattoo Metal collection, these cream gel shadows can be found in separate displays from their regular section in drugstores and mass retailers like Walmart and Target. Friday night I spotted a tall display in my local Walmart and on Sunday I did a little shopping at CVS and found a small display AND a yellow tag saying they were on sale, buy one get one half off!

*side story* A few weeks ago when my phone was on the fritz, I saw an ad for these new Metal Color Tattoos in one of my November beauty magazines and I wanted to share the good news on my Instagram so badly because I know how much these shadows are loved in the beauty community. Well, when I saw the display in person Friday night, I literally got so giddy and excited that my BFF/shopping buddy was looking at me like I was crazy! Yup, that`s how you spot a beauty blogger in public - look for the girl snapping photos of makeup with her camera while frantically grabbing every shade available ;)

These Metal Color Tattoos are creamy to touch, smooth to blend and dry to a soft powder finish. These are not glittery or chunky, they are purely packed with metallic shimmer and have an amazing shine to them. I was worried the Metal shadows would migrate and crease, but they hold true to the Color Tattoo long lasting formula. The five new shades are Inked in Pink, Silver Strike, Gold Rush, Barely Branded, Electric Blue.

The first swatches were done with a couple swirls in the pot and two swipes on the hand, just to show how pigmented the formulas are - they won`t look this intense on the eyes once blended in FYI :)

(all blended swatches below were done in the same manner as how I would wear them on my eyes; using my fingertip, I apply the cream shadow to the lid and gently blend it out to resemble a sheer wash of color, I apply another layer on top in a patting motion to get a more opaque coverage, finish off by blending the edges for a soft transition)

Inked in Pink | #55 | a blush pink with a very light shimmer metallic finish, it is not as popping as some of these other Metal Color Tattoos, but it is still very much metallic. I wasn`t particularly impressed with this shade in the pot, but once I started using it my love began to grow. It looks so pretty when worn on its own, it`s a darker toned pink that doesn`t make you look sickly or tired, it might be the hint of shimmer that catches the light.

Silver Strike | #60 | a pure silver metallic shadow, it looks like they crushed nickel into a Color Tattoo pot. It is bold, shiny, smooth to blend and it does not separate as one would assume - it is actually pretty opaque for a metal eye shadow. This seems like a great base color for a glittery eye look!

Gold Rush | #65 | a pure gold metallic shadow, I mentioned on my Instagram that it reminded me of a goldmine - it`s the most gold shadow I own. Gold Rush is less opaque than Silver Strike, it separates a bit when blending, so I would suggest a couple layers of the patting application for a fuller coverage.

Barely Branded | #70 | a delicate champagne shade with a tiny pink lean, it`s a lovely "everyday" shadow - I was thinking it would be similar to the Barely Beige from their Fall collection. I don`t own Barely Beige so I can`t compare them to a science, but once I find a good comparison online, I`ll link it here.

Electric Blue | #75 | a sultry navy shimmer on a charcoal base, it doesn`t swatch or wear as metallic as the other shades, but the shimmer is still eye popping. I`m obsessed with all things blue in the makeup world, so this shadow was the first to grab my eye. I love that they added a dark tone to the Metal collection.

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