NEW Maybelline Color Tattoo (Barely Beige)

4 years ago

I have been seeing that so many of you have been able to find the new, limited edition Color Tattoo shadows. I hadn`t seen them out in any of the stores near me. I figured I wasn`t too alone because most people said they were spotting theirs in Rite Aids and the nearest Rite Aid to me is around an hour away and beyond that an ADDITIONAL hour... We just don`t have many in my area. Well, I lost my mind and got anxious and decided I had to try and find them.

I started earlier in the week actually SEEKING them out. Before, I was just skimming the beauty area if I was out somewhere and near cosmetics. No luck. I went into Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Meijer. No one had the display up. Walgreens was the most helpful. The girl even went in back and checked. She said a shipment would be coming in a few days later, though. CVS was the least helpful. The lady was nuts. She told me (and I kid you not) that they wouldn`t be getting <em>ANY</em> shipments in until February. WHAT?! ::confusion:: So, lady, you are <em>really</em> trying to tell me that for the next FIVE months you won`t be getting in any new shipments for cosmetics. I call BS!

Well, anyway, those trips were a few days ago. Today (Read as SATURDAY...that is when I`m writing this up) we were out looking for a specific toy for my son and ended up at places like Target, Walmart, of course I did my typical sweep. Negative. On our way home we took a long route so I could swing into a few different CVS and Walgreens stores that we`d pass. Nothing, nothing, nothing!

When I got home I was loosing my mind. I hopped online and was googling the collection and trying to read if any people in my area (or within a few states of me...yes, this is how desperate I got) had found any. All I could find was primarily Rite Aid, some Harmons in Bed Bath & Beyond and a scattering of Walgreens. :-( It was haunting me. At around 7:30 pm I got so antsy knowing there were still a few more Walgreens and CVS stores within a decent driving distance that I hadn`t checked. (yup, absolutely bat-s*** crazy at this point) I pulled on my shoes, grabbed my purse, loaded up the boys (promising another toy for dragging them along on my hunt), and drove off. First location-nothing. Second location-SPOTTED THE DISPLAY...but ultimately empty in the slot of the color I wanted. I asked the girl if they happened to have anymore stock that hadn`t been put out. She actually told me she thought there was some behind the beauty counter. She knew there were some earlier. We walked over but they had already been cleared out. BUMMER! She suggested I check another Walgreens about 4 miles down the road. She said they had just put their display up today so perhaps the other location had done the same. I went to that location and sure enough... I spotted a display! BUT, a younger girl was rushing in ahead of me and I swear to you, I thought she was going directly for the same display so I hauled ass like it was on fire to make sure I got my grubby little hands on at least ONE jar (assuming there were any). She took a turn, thank goodness. We may have had a full on bar room brawl right there in the middle of the cosmetics aisles of Walgreens. >:-D <Strong>DON`T JUDGE! I HAD BEEN HUNTING FOR WHAT FELT LIKE AGES!</Strong> The display was completely full. I snatched up BOTH jars of the Barely Beige. I don`t know what possessed me to believe I <em>really</em> needed two jars...but in that moment I was close to moonwalking through the store because I was so happy, so there was no common sense going on. I just knew I was going to walk out, victoriously, with two jars in my hands. And that is exactly what I did. I ended up getting the two jars on sale, too! Buy one get one half off PLUS the girl let me use two maybelline coupons that she had behind the counter. So nice!

So...thanks for trekking along with me in my wild world of ridiculousness trying to find a freaking EYESHADOW! LOL! I know some of you will understand, though. We turn into animals like the crazies do at a Black Friday sale in the malls! We are damn near swinging purses to get a product we have been after.

Two jars of the new Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadow in Barely Beige. SUCCESS!

So, are you still on a wild goose chase trying to locate these babies or have you been able to return to the world of the normal and sane since you`ve spotted them and/or don`t even care to own them.


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