New MacBook Pro Power Cord!

5 years ago

I bought a new power cord and adapter for my MacBook Pro the other day. My cat unfortunately decided that chewing at the wire on my cord would be fun (or delicious, lol), so it ended up not working anymore. So off I went to get a new one!

I had no idea how expensive MacBook power cords/chargers are. Mine was over $80! Wow! So I was definitely a bit mad at my kitty... I actually didn`t realize I needed a new cord until I came back to school Sunday after spending the weekend home for Easter. My cat must`ve chewed the cord sometime on Sunday. When I got back to my apartment, I plugged my laptop in but it wouldn`t charge... So I let it go assuming it would come on eventually. But it didn`t. So I started getting worried. I went into the living room and tried my roommate`s power chord and it worked, so I knew it (thankfully!) wasn`t an internal problem with the computer. Luckily, though, my school is awesome and stocks lots of Mac products at our school computer store.

I looked up the price and was saddened by the large amount next to the dollar sign. I called my Mom to tell her what had happened (she made sure to give our cat a stern talking-to, lol) and I went the next day to get my new power cord.

I`m happy that I`m able to plug my computer in and charge it now, lol! I`m out by 80 bucks, but it was a needed purchase. On a side note, I kinda like the packaging it came in - very chic, lol! And on the plus side, I didn`t have to pay $120 like my friend did to replace a power cord for his PC, so I guess having a Mac really is better, lol :P

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