New MAC Palette vs. Old MAC Palette!

4 years ago

I figured I would do a post comparing the old MAC palette with the new one as I`ve had some time to experience both.

The new MAC palette is smaller in length but bigger in width and height. It`s now similar to the "Z" palette, however its not made out of cardboard, therefore its thicker, and stronger. Even the acrylic top is sturdier.

For the new palette, you have two options. You can buy the palette ($18 USD) with the 15 pan insert ($9 USD), or just buy the palette itself (making it more like the Z palette).

In my opinion, buying just the palette is more cost effective, because that way you can fill it with 24 mac sized shadows instead of just 15.

Old Palette:
I`m not to sure if they`re still selling the standard ("old") packaging in stores, but it is still available online. I`m also not sure if they`re discontinuing them (if they are, then stalk up if that`s what you like!)

Personally, I love the old style of the palette, I think it`s sleek and does what I need it to do (keep in mind I`m not a makeup artist, if you are you`re needs for it may be different).

One of the things that I prefer about the old palette is that the lid sits up on its own, where as the new palette you need to either old it up or lay it flat.

The other thing is that I just never cared for how the Z palette looks. I always found it bulky and a bit tacky. I like the idea of my shadows being "hidden". But of course, that`s not a con, it`s just a matter of personal preference.

Once the 15 pan insert is removed from the original palette, you can hold up to 20-22 mac shadows depending on how you place them.

Overall, while there are big differences between the original palette and the new palette, I believe this was a big of a gimmick on MACs part to increase their prices.

If I had to choose one of the two, I would definitely choose the original palette because it works for me and I`m just more attracted to its features.

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