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4 years ago

Everyone has been raving about new Luuux changes lately and it`s been interesting to see everyone`s thoughts so I thought I would share mine as well as a part of the Community.

I`ve been with Luuux for little over a year and even though I have not been on here at times, I have always loved the site and enjoyed reading everyone`s posts. Of course, at times there were some ridiculous posts that clearly showed that the people were not here for the actual content but only for materialistic things, the gifts. This website made me learn about new products, sales, and other things that I would have found out if it wasn`t for everyone. For example, BzzAgent. Who would have ever thought I could receive free products just so I can review them? Or Birchbox where you can get samples every month for very reasonable price. Overall, Luuux is more than just a way to earn points so I can get something for myself, it`s my way of being in touch with the world and improving myself.

I`ve been very busy with work and school lately so I haven`t been online much but I did log in to order something from the shop. When I realized that the item that I wanted was not 6,000L$ points but now was changed to 30,000L$, I was furious. If the prices go up, then why should the way we earn credits be the same? But I understand that Luuux staff might have reasons for the changes and after thinking about it, it does not bother me anymore because I still enjoy the website.

Another point that I wanted to make was deleted posts. If someone decides to leave after this change, why would people delete their posts. I have lost over 1,000L$ from the last time I logged in because somebody decided that if they cannot have their precious LV purse, they will not let someone else get it that actually will not give up and go for it.

1,000L$. That`s 1 point for 1 like and 1 point for 1 comment. It does not take one minute to go through that process and I think it`s really selfish that people are doing this. Let the posts be! We were nice enough to comment and like your post and maybe not even for the points. Maybe we enjoyed your reading and wanted to say something nice. And now my nice act x1,000 has been rejected. And it hurts.

I know I might have been all over the place but just wanted to share my opinion and for those who disagree, just know that you are intitled to your own opinion and should not make rude remarks because of that. All I`m trying to say is that I love Luuux and still will be here but for those who decided to leave, please leave your posts. There are still a big Luuux community that reads them and the points that are being lost, add up fast.

xoxo, Ella.

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