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4 years ago

I love me some lipsticks! Haha. I really should stop buying lipsticks. We all know I won`t though hehe.

I`ve kind of became friends with a makeup artist at MAC. He`s a regular at my work and I`m a regular at MAC (bad, I know lol) so we see each other quite often. Last week he came into my work and told me he was going to the MAC Pro store in San Francisco and he asked me if I wanted anything. I told him no because I didn`t have anything in mind. If he would have told me in not such a rush rush situation, I would have had a list for him lol. But he asked me as he was on his way over there. Then he says "are you suuurrreee?? I get 60% off" omg that was like music to my ears, but I had no idea what I wanted!

I finally just blurted out "lipsticks!" lol. I told him to get me a couple neutral everyday type of lipsticks.

He came back the next day with these two, Faux and Velvet Teddy.

I have been on a dark and/or bright lip kick that I needed to throw some neutral ones in the mix. Man oh man was he on point with these!

One is a neutral pink and the other one is more of a neutral nude brown-ey color. They were exactly what I had in mind when I said neutrals.

He actually wouldn`t take my money, I tried giving him cash, but he wouldn`t take it. I felt bad, even though he offered, I still feel like I owe him, so I ended up getting him a Starbucks gift card as a thank you.

Do you have either of these two colors?
Have you gone to a MAC Pro store? Hmm I wonder...can only MAC makeup artists go to those stores?

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