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4 years ago

While I was shopping at Meijer over the weekend a girl in the beauty department called me over to discuss a new product
that is being rolled out. I`m always willing to listen if it is a beauty/health product and there are free samples involved. There is a new brand on the market. I hadn`t heard too much about them until the last week or so. I had seen a BzzCampaign for this brand and just last night saw my first commercial for it. It is called CLEAR and is supposed to be a new way of looking at your hair products. Instead of just treating damage to the hair that has already grown out, it will nourish the scalp to CREATE healthy hair from the roots. Yeah yeah.. they all have their claims. BUT, I got 2 sample bottles, one for me and one for my husband. I`m willing to try them out to see how I feel about them.

The bottle for my husband is a 2 in 1 complete care shampoo. This one is to treat dandruff. He doesn`t have dandruff but
does get a dry scalp if he uses shampoos that strip his scalp of moisture. Free is free, so I thought I`d grab it for him to try.

For me, the bottle is a Total Care nourishing daily conditioner. They didn`t have a shampoo sample. I wish they had because it would have been more effecive to have the whole system to really try. Either way, I`ll still give this a go and see how I feel about them.

Me and my husband were joking about the commercial, though. After it was over my husband turns to me and goes, "Apparently if you use this shampoo you`ll be turned into a supermodel after 7 days." ...yeah, the commercial was quite corny and over the top, to say the least.

Have you heard about this new brand yet? Do you think you`ll be trying them out?


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