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5 years ago

If you follow the sweet A leung here on luuux, you might have read her post about getting dr. Dre beats. If you did you`ve probably read that she doesn`t know very much about technology, now.. i`m joyning the club!

I`m pretty sure anybody can sell me anything if they can talk nice. Offcourse i know some basic things, but when you`re talking about Ram memory and stuff like that, i`m done listening because my mind will go crazy!

Now my laptop crashed recently so i needed another one, i`ve been doing everything work related on our ipad. But some of you ipad owners might know, it really doesn`t replace a laptop. I needed another one and fast because the tabled drove me nuts.

I decided to take my dad with me to the computershop because he works with those things everyday and knows something about them. He did say i should get a macbook, but i`m used to working with windows so i didn`t want anything else. I took an acer because the sales man and my dad told me it`s a very good brand and it`s know for their great quality.

It doesn`t contain too much memory but it`s okay since i don`t play games on it or so. Just emails, internet and pictures.
I`ve been using it for a week now and i`m very happy with it. it`s fast, it`s handy and it`s just clean.

In total i payed 850 for the laptop and placing some documents from my crashed computer to my new one.

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