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2 years ago

Today I decided to go to the outlet mall to see if I could score a Coach handbag . They were having a 50 % off their whole store sale. Even with the sale going on, I didn`t see a bag that caught my eye. And I noticed that all their bags had the carriage logo on it and I thought that only belonged to bags from the boutique. I also saw the letter F followed by some numbers on the tag found inside the bag. But anyways, since I didn`t find any bag from Coach that I liked, I decided to check out Kate Spade. They too were having a 50% off sale their whole store too. So I waited in line to get in. Once in, literally browsed their whole store and picking up a couple bags to try. I almost decided on this bag that reminds me of the new Cindy satchel that MK currently has on their site. Looked at the cream one, yellow and green one and almost decided on the cream one. But then I spotted this one that someone had put back on the shelf and before I was able to grab it, another lady did. Ugh.. I was sad at the moment caused I liked the bag and wish I had grabbed it sooner. They had 2 more of this bag left but it was in this orange shade which I didn`t have the fancy for. I think this bag looks way better in this shade bone shade. So I asked the SA if there were anymore and I was told it soldout. Bummers. But to my surprise, a lady came walking my way with this bag in 3 colors one of which was the bone shade I had wanted. The SA asked if she still wanted the bag and the lady said no so I was given the bag. I was so happy cause I got the bag I wanted. And another thing was that this bag was already reduced. After all the deductions, the bag ended up costing me only $147 and some change. I think this is a pretty good deal for a leather bag. The leather is not the saffiano type either which is perfect cause I already own 3 bags in that finish and had wanted some more handbags made with softer leather. On the tag it says the texture of the leather is of perri lane bubbles. Oh and the name of this bag is called Delaney. I also recalled seeing this bag on the Nordstrom website. I also love the fact that this bag has a zipper compartment in the front even though I don`t think I will be using it
A longer strap is also included with this bag which is detachable. But I like to wear this bag in the crook of my arms. Another bonus is that this bag includes a dust bag. Now I`m just gonna freak out that I`ll get it dirty cause it is white. Yikes.
But back to Coach, does anyone know how to tell the difference between a factory bag and a boutique bag?
And what do you think of Kate Spade bags?

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