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5 years ago

The weather is so bad lately in belgium.. okay why do i say lately? Belgium is well known for its `dogweather`. We hardly ever have a great summer, we`re usually very lucky when we have 30degrees 2 days in a row.. So yeah, that`s pretty stupid. The one season that lasts the longest is our rainseason, rain really loves us!

We`re heading to spring, but here it feels like fall. Rain is falling non stoply and even with an umbrella you`ll be wet because of the wind. Now i have 2 dogs, one of them is a border collie.. They`re normally farmdogs so they really need allot of attention and they need to have allot of excercise!
We take him and the chihuahua out 3 times a day, for 30 minutes of running, playing, walking,..
Now in this weather it`s horrible to go into the fields and play with the dogs. My feet would always be so wet and i would get a cold because of it. My momt ook me to the store and bought me a pair of rainboots, we decided to invest in them because i really don`t want water in them. They`re from the brand `Italian`, who are specialised in rainboots with pretty designs. I first had a leopard printed pair, but they just didn`t look right on my feet. These have a pretty design, which doesn`t stand out too much.

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