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4 years ago

A month or so ago my headphones finally died. By finally, I mean another pair was murdered by my incessant use and careless handling. Maybe it`s just me, but I expect apple headphones to be more durable than they are. In the three years that I had my iPhone 3G (yes, I had the original for 3 years through all the versions after it), I bought 3 pairs of headphones. They basically tend to last me about a year, which to me, is ridiculous.

Some might say, you don`t take care of them. To that I say, yeah so? My main complaint with the old ones was that they didn`t have a easy way of storing them, so the jack side would eventually get torn off and then the wiring would loosen up and then eventually I`d be listening to songs out of one ear, and then I would have to buy new ones if I wanted to hear anything at all.

Don`t get me wrong, apple makes great headphones. They`re much more durable than anything I used to buy at Walmart or anywhere else. But I donno, they too sensitive for me. I like their size, their shape, their colour, but I personally feel like they should last me as long as my phone.

To those of you laughing at my expectations, I smile, because I know I`m being a child about it. Whatevs.

So I got new headphones, and they`re great. Stayed white for a week now they`re grey. They have sides, which is nice, I guess. They sound great in my head. They do what they should, and cost more than I like.

That`s my review.

Happy Luuuxing!

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