New Iphone Cases!

5 years ago

Hey everyone! My friend recently made an order on to get some new Iphone cases. As soon as they arrived at her house, she called me to come over because I guess they were special of something. Once I got there, I could not believe one of the cases she got! One of the cases is like a 3D gold fox with a feather, and the case is covered in blue and silver rhinestones. It`s pretty bulky so this case it more for show, you can`t really fit it in your pocket lol! She said the case was $15, which really is not a bad price for an iphone case! If you like it, you can find it The other one she got was a cute, much more simple case. It`s just a light pink sparkly case. Much more lightweight and it CAN fit in your pocket! lol! She said this case costs $3, which is super cheap for an iphone case! You can find it Overstock has a lot of things for really good prices! I hadn`t really thought of looking on that website before but they really have all kinds of things there. What do you think of these iphone cases? What kind of case do you have for your phone? *pictures are mine, don`t steal! gold

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