New Iphone Case-Use A Coin To Stand ( Review)

4 years ago

I have blogged before about this case due to the fact that not only it looked original but it also add a neat feature due to the design. You can use a coin in the back of the case and that will make it stand, so you have a iphone stand to watch a video or some pics anywhere you go.

The case was designed by Alexandros Stasinopoulos for Urban Prefer and I thought it would be just a concept or something that would be super expensive. When i was browsing dealextreme i found the case for 5$ ( and of course, free shipping) and so after some debate wondering if i should get it or not, i decided to order one to change because i was using my mesh case for a long time.

After some weeks the case arrived and i had my doubts if it was original, i didn`t expect it to be, but i was surprised to see that it came in a very nice packaging.
But right out of the box i notice something i didn`t like much : the plastic. It feels to "plastic" and it doesn`t seem to very good quality one but i don`t know, my other cases were always silicone cases and the previous mesh case was in plastic but it was a very thin case.

So im going to point out what i like and don`t like.

<strong>I don`t like:</strong>
- The plastic. Like i said, it feels a bit cheap and to plastic, but i might get that impression because the case is big and goes all around the phone
- The case adds some bulk to the phone. Its mostly due to the part where you put the coins but its part of the design
- The "lines" for the coins will probably atract some dirt, which will be even more noticible in white.

<strong>What i do like :</strong>
- It gives the impression that the phone is well protected. I know i mention the size,bulk and amount of plastic as a negative but it also works as a positive because i feel like if the iphone falls it would be much safer than with just the case i had before.
- The coin stand design is pretty cool and everybody loves it
- The white contrasts well with the black iphone
- Its different than other cases on the market and has a double feature : protects your phone and you can create a stand with just a coin.
- The price. Even though i get cheaper cases from DX, this one was a nice price considering its original and the prices of other cases in the market.

Even though i pointed out some negative stuff, i do like the case and im happy with it and for 5$ i think it was a good deal.

<strong>What do you think of this case?
Would you get one for yourself?
What case do you use?</strong>

(pics are mine)

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