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4 years ago

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Hey Luuux! :)
I believe this is my first Technology post here on Luuux, and it`s quite an exciting one for me :D Before my bf left for Korea, he bought this iPad Mini for his older cousin who helped him out a lot in the States :) I`m not particularly a huge fan of Apple products, and to be honest, at first I thought the iPad Mini was a complete waste of money, but for someone who doesn`t own any Apple products, I think it`s a nice tech-y thing to own :) For more details and my thoughts/opinions on the product, keep reading ^^


<strong>Model: <em>iPad mini with Wi-Fi 16GB - White & Silver</em></strong> ($329)
My boyfriend chose the cheapest one because he was pretty tight on money, but also because his cousin (and cousin`s family) has almost every other Apple product on the market already~ Apple products are a bit more expensive in Korea, so he thought it would be nice to buy his cousin the new iPad Mini to add to her family`s collection :) They don`t need mobile access or excessive amounts of space, so this was the most practical and reasonable one to choose.

<em>For reference on size, I included a picture with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad Mini, & iPhone 4 for you to see ^^</em>

- iOS Operating System
- 7.9 inch LED-Backlit Display
- A-5 Chip
- 7.2mm Thin
- 0.68 lbs Light
- 10 hr Battery Life
- Built-In Advanced Wi-Fi Technology
- 720p HD Facetime Camera
- 5megapixel iSight Camera with HDR Support & 1080p Video Shooting Capabilities
- Siri "Intelligent Assistant"
- Full Access to the Apple App Store

Like I said, although I`m not the biggest Apple fan, I can admit that the technology and design of their products are impressive and very advanced :)
- Lightweight & Sleek Design
- Smooth Operation
- Vibrant Display
- Small enough to be portable
- Wi-Fi Access
- Decent quality camera & FaceTime Capabilities
- Access to tons of Apps
- It`s always fun to talk to Siri!

- Very redundant if you already have other Apple products
- Quite pricey (although it`s not much more than the iPod)
- May not be easily portable for those who don`t carry bags


<strong>iPad Mini Smart Cover</strong> in Pink:
For protection and convenience, he also got this Smart Cover for her :) It only covers one side of the iPad mini at a time, but most people use these to protect the face. It also helps to prop up the iPad mini for convenient viewing and usage.


I`m not super tech-savvy, therefore I can`t get into all of the fine details of the product; however I hope my opinions as an average, every-day user were at least somewhat helpful. I liked the iPad Mini enough to consider buying one for myself before I leave for Korea :) I think it`ll be great for the plane ride, and also nice for downloading books & videos to read and watch in bed. If you already have an iPad, I don`t see the use in getting the mini, since it`s essentially the same exact product, just smaller. If you`re interested in purchasing it, by any means do so though! ^^ I`m just sharing my opinions on it.

<em>Tell Me: Are you a fan of Apple products? If so, which one(s) do you own? What do you think of the iPad Mini? Let me know in your comments below! :D</em>

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