New iPad 3: Is it worth buying?

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Apple has made few changes in the launch of new devices like the iPhone 4S. So we turn to evaluate, it is worth buying the new iPhone (iPad 3)?

As always, the launch of a new gadget from Apple because long queues for their purchase, and the 3rd version of the iPhone is no different. The New iPad fell short of expectations? We say no, because we expected some of the news presented on March 7, as the HD screen and 4G technology. However, since the competition launched tablets with quad-core processors, expected the same from Apple, which launched quad-core graphics.

Since the new iPhone is out now and has been analyzed by various international media, based on analysis of them will try to see if it is worth replacing your iPhone or iPad, to buy the iPhone 3.

The new iPhone has exactly the same design as the iPad 2, as happened between the iPhone and iPhone 4S 4, which shows that a winning design will not move. But there are small differences between the two versions of the tablet.
The 3rd version of the iPhone is a bit "fat", is 9.4mm thick, while the iPad 2 was 8.8 mm. The weight, as is clear, also differs in the New iPad 652g, while the second iPad weighed 601g, which slightly increases with the 3G/4G versions. However there is one difference that causes any inconvenience.

Despite this change in weight and thickness of the layers that were the previous version will continue to function normally in this new version, so whoever you upgrade your iPhone will not have to spend more money on accessories.
Retina Display Screen

Herein lies the great weapon of the new iPhone, the screen quality. Compared with iPad 2? Nor can buy ... The resolution is doubled, the 1024x768p to 2048x1536p, we now have a Full HD screen rather than some TVs. With this improvement the screen, the zoom is better as the use of browsers.
The picture quality is noticeably better. Ever wonder how a movie will see this in New Full HD iPad? Or viewing photos? Or even the games? Simply superb ...

The quality, contrast, everything will go better this iPad 3, with the developers to update their applications, will bring a spectacular experience. The TechRadar indicates even one who is accustomed to the graphics of PS 3 or Xbox 360 will not be disappointed with the new iPhone.

The hardware on some changes, but could be more. The processor in the New A5X iPad is a dual-core processor at 1GHz, but a quad-core GPU. What does this mean? For the Retina Display screen could show their skills, would be accompanied by an improvement in graphics processing, which is what happens. In this case, the game can be driven at a higher level in comparison with iPad 2.

According to Apple itself, the processor A5X is four times better than the Nvidia Tegra 3. However I doubt it. According Engadget, which has been tested to the processor, the performance is almost the same iPad 2, however, iPad 2 shows a better answer than the new iPad, although minimal. Another major improvement is the RAM, which is of 512 MB to 1GB of RAM.
House, Siri and 4G?

The Siri can say is a severe shortage of new iPad. Apple, considering that was the big gun of the iPhone 4S, should have integrated the Siri iPad 3, but did not.

However, the integration of 4G technology is another new feature and also a great weapon for the new version of the tablet. The increase in network speed will give a new use to the new iPhone, since the possibility of playing at any online site, such as navigation and viewing videos on Youtube, or even Netflix, anywhere.

However, it hoped to buy the new iPhone 4G technology to use, I have bad news. The 4G will only work in the United States and Canada. Although we have seen the Portuguese operators launch the first tariff 4G technology implemented in iPad 3 only allow access to 4G in North American countries.

Another novelty of the new iPhone is the camera. In iPad 2, the rear chamber was 0.92 MP, but on the iPad 3 has 5MP, which brings a big improvement. But when compared to the iPhone 4S already has 8MP, we realize that Apple could have done better, but is already a big improvement. However, the front chamber to the video call, a still camera VGA.
Battery Life

With these innovations, including enhancements that this type of "spent" battery, had to take a major upgrade. And it took, but was it enough?

According to the Engadget test are worse than the iPhone 2. The iPad 2 battery lasted 10h26, while the New iPad reduces to 9:52 a.m.. Note, that Engadget made the test with the use of 3G and not 4G, so the battery will not last as long as 4G. The test with the 4G should be soon.

Apple tried not to lose the battery life with so many upgrades, but lost, yet, just over 30 minutes of battery, which is to be expected considering the upgrade done to the screen.
Is it worth buying the new iPhone (iPad 3)?

As with the iPhone 4S, it is always difficult to give an answer because it will depend on each one and use given.

In my opinion, if it holds the original iPhone, I believe this is the right time to change. The changes implemented are increasingly important and, comparing with the first iPhone, the technology is already well ahead.

If you have the iPad 2, then there are more things to consider. In my opinion, using the iPhone for navigation, see some pictures or other things that do not require the great graphics that brings new iPad, not worth buying the new iPhone. There is a major hardware upgrade to be worth 600 to spend on a new gadget, when the iPad 2 already and fully meets the new iPhone will not improve that much.

As with the iPhone 4S, Apple is not what should be evolved to keep up with competitors, however, has upgraded enough to maintain itself as market leader.

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