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4 years ago

Iv`e only heard good reviews about this product by Lush and I have been wanting to try this for so long now. But I have never had enough money to buy it because apparently it`s like $40 according to people who work at Lush. But on their website it`s only $13.50, hmmm :

During my stay in England we popped into Lush and saw they were selling them for £5.95 which is $9. It`s cheaper than what they were selling them in Australia so I bought one.

I tried it the first day and it worked so great! During that time my face was really breaking out more than normal for some reason and the next morning after using it my pimples seriously went down near to nothing.

I use it at night before I go to bed after I cleanse, tone and moisturize my face. Then in the morning I do the same thing but instead of using Grease Lightning I use my Step 3, repair by Proactiv.

Okay so as much I love this product it doesn`t seem to be having as much affect as what it did at the beginning. It may be because i`m being lazy and not cleansing my face every morning and night or it may be because my face and body gets use to products really quick and stop working. It`s really annoying!!

<STRONG> Have you tried Grease Lightning???</STRONG>
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