New Heels from Plato`s Closet!

4 years ago

I`ve come to the conclusion that I`m pretty much addicted to Plato`s Closet. I can never go in and not find and buy something, lol! My roommate wanted to go sell a few things so I went with her and, while they were pricing her items, we took a look around. And of course I had to find something... I found these gorgeous beige-nude heels! :)

My closet in my apartment at school isn`t all that spacious and I have a hard time fitting all my shoes in it. Okay... it`s probably not because the of the closet size (because it`s actually a normal-sized closet, haha) but because I have waaayyyy too many pairs of shoes... and I don`t even have my whole collection out here with me at school! So when I saw these beige-nude heels, I paused for a moment and asked myself... do I really need these? My immediate answer was of course yes, lol. I have a lot of black heels but, surprisingly, I don`t have a nude pair. Shocking, I know! Especially coming from a shoe and high heel lover like me! So I figured that buying these shoes would be okay :)

I wear a lot of "professional" wear now that I`m doing my field experience for school so I figured that having a nude pair of heels like this would actually be beneficial. Plus, nude heels go great with jeans on a night out, too! Perfect!

These heels were only $10!! That`s actually a bit more than I`m used to paying for heels at Plato`s Closet (the past few pairs I`ve bought there have been about $6 and $8 or so), but it`s still an amazing price! I love Plato`s Closet because of how inexpensive everything is - definitely an addiction, haha!

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