New Heels from Plato`s Closet!

4 years ago

This past Saturday night I went out with a few friends to get drinks. After we left the bar and were walking down the street I totally tripped over a raised edge in the sidewalk and ended up completely scraping the front of my favorite pair of platformed black pumps. I was so upset that they were ruined! My guy friends tried to tell me it was fine and one of them even tried fixing it by using shoe polish/leather shiner/whatever it was and it did help, but you can still tell that a huge part of the front of my high heel is scraped off... So I went on a mission to find a new pair of heels!

I loved the ones I had because they were super high (they had a platform in them!) but soooooo super comfortable. I mean, I was wearing these things ALL night at bars and walking around downtown and my feet were fine! So I was very upset when they got ruined and knew that finding a replacement pair that was just as good would be a bit difficult. I went into Plato`s Closet the other day and just happened to spot this pair!

This pair has a platform like my ruined pair, but is about a half inch short overall (which is fine, but I would still like to find a pair that was just a high, lol). These ones are super comfy like the old pair and instead of being a matte leather which can kept scraped and scuffed off, these ones are more of a suede-like material almost. So hopefully they won`t get scraped as easily :)

Since I got these from Plato`s Closet, they were only $8! Score! I love finding amazing things like this for incredibly awesome prices!! :D

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