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5 years ago

Personally i go trough earphones way too fast. I just have something with them, they always break. Always the same problems: one earphone won`t play, the quality sounds like crap after 5 days, the wire at the plugin is messed up (okay maybe thats from putting it in my pocket..). But i just can`t keep them alive for more then 2 weeks. Which means i have to pay up allot of money on these stupid little things. I usually buy the ones from apple which are 15 in stores. Or i try a random from around 10. But all the same.. i`ve been wanting to try the Dr.Dre earphones, but i really don`t want to spend that much money on a pair that could break in a week.. i`ve been doubting, because i really don`t want them to break after a short time.

Yesterday my mom visited and she brought me a headphone! It`s a black one with vibrant colors on the ears. My mom told me she saw this one in the store and she thouht a headphone could live longer then my earphones.. HOPEFULLY! It was around 25, which isn`t that much for a headphone here.. normally there allot more expensive!
I`ve been trying it for 15 days now, and yes, it`s still alive! I don`t act softer with it, but yeah.. it`s a survivor haha! If you see one from trust, be sure to try, they`re from a great quality and i`m sure they last pretty long!

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