New Hair: Dark Brown-Blonde Ombre

4 years ago

I have new hair, again! I know I recently dyed the bottom half of my hair pink, but that faded FAST, so I needed something new. I was already bored of the "fun" colors so I wanted something new. I wanted to make my hair a chocolate brown color, but not necessarily a dark chocolate brown, just a rich one. My natural hair is black and I HATE it, so I always try to lighten it but, yeah. Usually doesn`t work. I couldn`t decide if I should keep the ombre going and just freshen it up (it`s been brown-blonde ombred since last November!) or if I should go back to one color. I asked you guys and most of you said to do one solid color but I didn;t listen, I just love my ombre so much! Anyways. My first step was to refresh the blonde and bleach out the rest of the pink, and I used some random drugstore bleach that came in the set of Splat! hair dye. It works, but I suggest higher end bleaches since they work better. Yeah, I bleached already bleached hair! It is VERY damaging and I don`t recommend it to anyone, but since my hair is so thick and strong, I knew it could handle it. As for the dye, I used this random one my best friend and I picked out at Walmart, it`s the L`Oreal Excellence Creme stuff in 5CB Medium Chestnut Brown. I was nervous to use it, since normally I use salon dyes to do my hair, this was the first time I was dying ALL my hair with a drugstore dye. I wasn`t sure how it was going to turn out, since my natural hair like I said is black (and my roots were BAD, like, 2 inches long!) and the rest of my hair was chemically lightened with a permanent color from Matrix, so I wasn`t sure if they would match. Shockingly enough, the color actually covered my roots decently, and you can really only see the line in certain lighting. I don`t even notice it unless I`m looking for it. This dye however is REALLY drippy, I don`t care if the box says it`s not, it is. It also didn`t show up the same color as on the box. It turned out DARKER, which was hard to adjust to since I haven`t seen my hair this dark in years! I liked doing the blonde before the color (usually I do it the other way around, and there`s a harsh line of bleach then color). This was, if a little bit of color got on the line of bleach, it made it a lighter brown, and that made the ombre effect less sloppy than before! Also, when I rinsed it out, some of the dye got on the blonde and it kind of doubled as a toner, since the blonde beforehand was REALLY harsh light blonde! Whew! Long story short, my hair is dark brown and blonde ombred again.

As for those two lovely ladies to my right, those are two of my best friends, and aren`t they lovely?! <3 We spent the 4th together and snapped these pics of us before we went outside and our cute melted off -_- I realized these were the only existing pictures of my new hair, so I used them.

*Photos are MINE.
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