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Last month, just before new years eve, I decided I wanted a change to my hair, and as I was browsing through some shelves at my local store, I found this new type of hair dye, from Wella: permanent color mousse, in cherry red. I wanted a warm color, but close to my natural one. So here it is my experience: preparation was very easy. I pored the small bottle into the large one, then mixed them and they turned into a reddish mousse, that you could apply very easily with your hands on your hair.
It is important that someone helps you with all this process, so that you do not make a lot of mess. You can do it all by yourself, but it is a lot easier if you have someone to help you, especially if you make it for the first time. You can just take one hand of mousse and just apply it to your hair. You have to let it stay for about 45 minutes, maybe 30 if you do not want the color to be very strong. Be aware that your skin will stay spotted for a few days, but it will go away after a few washes.
In the end, the color was stronger that I thought it will be. I did not expected to have such red hair, especially since my natural hair was a light brown. Another aspect that you should be aware of is that the color will wash away. The first washes you will notice that the color will bleed, and you can end up with some spotted towels. After one month, the color is not as strong as it was, is starts to fade away, and blend with my natural hair color, which is not bad, since I do not have to worry about the roots that start to get noticed.
In the box you will also receive a serum that you can use for 2 or three times. This one is very good. It leaves the hair very soft and shiny. Overall, I liked this Wellaton mousse, but be careful what color you choose: the staining is very powerful, so do not go for a color that seems to strong for you. If you are blond, this shade (cherry red) will make your hair red as a strawberry.

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