New Girl - `Injured` Review

5 years ago

Note: The video used above belongs to the channel `FoxBroadcasting` and I thought I`d use it as a trailer of sorts!

Hey guys! Thought i`d start off my posts with a review of an episode of New Girl I watched earlier :)

Episode 15 - `Injured` was brilliant to say the least. It was a really refreshing episode, giving the audience a break from the romantic story lines that have been focused on. The lack of these plots also meant that the characters` personalities could also be brought out, especially when they feared for Nick`s health. It was lovely to see just how much Schmidt, Winston, Jess and Cece all cared for him and how they each reacted to the situation. Also, Nick`s feelings towards what was going on really hit home and were made clear exactly how he felt. The episode was able to use humour in a way that kept the style of the show but didn`t deviate or bring down the plot, especially where the doctor Jess takes Nick to works in a baby clinic.

Jake M. Johnson`s acting here should be taken into recognition as he was outstanding when it came to really showing how much his character was in pain.

A minor storyline that worked very well was Winston`s trouble with his car. This was a great way to round off the episode, leaving it on a really well-done note. It wasn`t a large story at all, only being focused on briefly , but it was a great change and the final scene was just a lovely bit to have in the episode.

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