New Froggy Brush Holder

4 years ago

Hi everyone.

I was running out of room to hold my brushes and I`ve been buying more brushes lately especially the ecotools brushes since they were on sale at Riteaid a couple months back. So I basically was running out of room. I had asked my sis to get me something since she was out shoppping and she brang this home for me. I think this was origianlly meant to be used as a small garbage can but I don`t care cause I think it`s cute and I love how it has a lid. With the lid, this prevents your brushes from collecting dust. And aint the froggy cute. I am currently using this to hold my face brushes in it since I don`t use those brushes that often which means they tend to be washed less often which in turns collects more dust. You wouldn`t want to put a brush full of dust on your face would you. I know I wouldn`t, My sis told me there was a bear and pig one but she said this one was the cutest and that this was taller in height was it was able to hold taller brushes. I believe this was around $1.50, not quite sure. So what do you guys think?

update: I forgot to mention where she bought this. It was a Japanese store in Japantown called Ichi Kan.

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