New feather earrings!

5 years ago

Accesoires can make or brake an outfit. That`s just the way it has been for many years. Now i`m a big fan of wearing jewelery to make an outfit just a little prettier, like taking it a level up. I have to admit that i prefer swarovski jewels, and other brands like that. But sometimes you have to mix things up and wear cheap with expensive.

Now the feather trend is really popular and i`ve always wanted some, but i wanted a basic version, which i could find nowhere. Last weekend i was in a drugstore shopping for some goodies and i saw that they were selling 3 pairs of basic feathery earrings (black, pink and grey ones) for only 5. That`s just a great deal since you would normally pay like 5 for just one pair of earrings.

I haven`t worn them allot, but it does seem like they`re from a great quality. They`ve been trough rain, trough wind and trough a bored yade..
They still look good so i`m hoping they will stay this way for a while, but i`m not getting my hopes up..

What do you guys think about the whole `feather trend?`

~picture is mine

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