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photo is mine, please do not take.

Sorry to get off topic, but Luuux is totally going crazy! I am getting like 20 emails from them saying that have removed my posts, and i actually have no idea why. They say that it is "out of the guidelines" and it is funny because it is totally not... So currently i am losing like couple of 100s $ luuux points, haha lovely.

Anyway, to get rid of this i decided to go to the store and grab my favourite new snack, which is sunflower seeds.
I actually didnt like them before, but since my friends started to munch on them during class, i have been loving them more than ever.
Mmm, theyre just so yummy and tasty.
You can get different flavours, but i only found the salted ones, so whatever. Theyre so good, but i hate when you have to get the shell off because it just slows down the snack! Haha, but mmmmm too good.

What are your favourite munching snacks!?

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photo is mine

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