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4 years ago

Hi guys, so this is my new favorite primer. Well one of my favorite primers. But anyways I honestly think it`s really important to use a primer before you apply on your makeup. Just putting on a primer really makes everything easier and nicer. It makes your face nice and smooth for you to have a nice canvas to apply your makeup on. And I`ve been on a face primer search. And literally I`ve tried like 3 primers this 2 past months. And I finally feel like I`ve found it. It`s Sephora Collection Perfecting Ultra-Smooth Primer. I honestly feel like it`s one of the best primers I had ever used. This primer makes my face look flawless! It`s silky and just beautiful. And it`s actually quite affordable. It`s only about $15 for 0.5 oz. I mean it`s just that there`s a lot of other high-end brand primers that are more expensive for about the same amount of product or similar. Anyways, this primer goes on my skin perfectly. Like I mean honestly I never fully bought their makeup products excluding their nail polishes from OPI. But l can feel it sinking into my skin and the best part is that it hides my pores. I mean I don`t have a lot of pores. Like there not that noticeable but they kind of are. Like do you guys know what I`m trying to say? Like really up close you can see my pores. But overall it`s not noticeable. Anyways, yeah it hides my pores! I was just so happy with the results. Cause I mean it took me two months to find the primer I happy with. And I mean for me I am not that very patient. So two months just trying to find the rite one is kind of boring, and just you know annoying. But anyways I definitely recommend it. If you guys are looking for a new primer or looking for a product to just try out for fun. Then pick this product up. By the way this picture is from Sephora. Anyways thanks for reading my review.

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