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3 years ago

New ELF Blush : Twinkle Pink!

Hey guys, i just got the new ELF blushes.
This one`s called Twinkle Pink, it`s more sparkly than the other ELF blushes, so be careful that you don`t put too much if you`re not a fan of visible sparkle on your cheeks.

The swatch is the one on the bottom, the top one is called <a href="http://t.luuux.com/SH6Ee?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.luuux.com%2Fhealth-beauty%2Fnew-elf-blush-giddy-gold%3Ftid%3D%7Btransaction_id%7D%26aff_id%3D%7Baffiliate_id%7D&quot;&gt;Giddy Gold</a>.

This isn`t one of my favorites, but i wouldn`t not use it.
Note that there is some fallout, but that`s to be expected. It`s a 3 dollar product, so it`s definitely something that wouldn`t hurt your wallet if you wanted to give it a try ^^

*images are mine

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