New Electric Tooth Brush Review - Oral B Vitality Dual Clean by Braun

5 years ago

I have been considering getting an electric tooth brush for a while now but it always seemed so unnecessary and i have had one before, like 10 years ago, when they first started to hit the stores more but I just preferred the regular one.

But i decided to get a new one because they are now more accessible and seem better. So I got this Oral B Vitality Dual Clean by Braun for 23.90 / around 30$. In the store they had just the tooth brush or the pack, which i guess is the gift pack, that had also a case for it. Since the difference was just some cents i got the one with the case of course and its just a regular blue case with the logo on it but its good to transport the tooth brush when traveling.

The <strong>main features</strong> of the tooth brush are :
- <strong>Alarm that tells you when its ok to stop brushing</strong>, this is good because some times people end up not brushing long enough and so the teeth are not as clean as they should.
- <strong>Simple/compact charger</strong>, so it wont take to much space and its easy to transport
- <strong>Good cleaning mechanism and power</strong>
- <strong>Easy to use and with a good grip</strong>
- <strong>1 extra years of warranty after registering online,</strong> so 3 years in total of warranty.

The tooth brush didn`t brought any more spare heads, so i will have to buy them some months from now and they are not exactly cheap but i think they come in packs of 2.
I think it was a good purchase and if you are looking for a electric tooth brush on a budget, this is a good one.

<strong>Do you use electric tooth brush or the traditional one?
What do you think of this one?</strong>

(pictures are mine)

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