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4 years ago

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Hey Luuuxers, before i start this post i just wanna say that i am the leader for technology! Woohoo! I dont even remember the last time i was, but thank you guys so much! Yay, so happy!

Anyway, so i have been lately obsessed with this new app on my iPhone called "Songpop". I got it from the tip 25 charts and its free, so might as well.
It reminds me ALOT like Draw Something. How you can play with friends or strangers, and you compete with eachother. But instead of drawing to each other, you listen together! Haha, basically a music game where they give you a list of songs/artists and then give you a small sample of the song and you have to figure it out which one it is. Whoever ends up with the most points by getting them right and the fastest, wins the round!

Pretty fun and i really like it. I must say i love the new `summer 2012` music list though since it is more of the music i listen to, but have you played this game recently?

Any questions or comments? Write below!
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