New dELiA*s amp Alloy Catalogs

4 years ago

The other day in the mail, I recieved two catalogs, one from dELiA*s and one from Alloy. They are sister companies, so I always receive them together. I`ve made a a few purchases from dELiA*s, and one from Alloy. Honestly they are both WAY over-priced and their products are cheaply made (worse than Forever 21`s!), so I rarely buy things from either of them. Also, their clothes run REALLY small (especially dELiA*s). dELiA*s has stores that you can visit but Alloy does not. Alloy is better for girls in their late teen`s and 20`s, or for someone who likes to dress a little more sophisticated or put-together, while dELiA*s is more colorful and crazy and show-y and whatnot, so probably better for pre or mid-teens. I do enjoy looking through these though, just to see if anything catches my eye. Most of the time nothing will, but occasionally that will change. If you want these to get sent to you for free, you can request a subscription on both of their websites. Also, they send these out every or every-other month (I can`t remember which one), but frequently!
Does anyone else receive these or like these stores? xox

*Photo is MINE.

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