New Creme Brulee Torch Review

4 years ago

In case you noticed some of my posts in my past, i have mentioned how much i liked creme brulee and that i make it sometimes because i find it easy ( well, at least the recipe i have that is a simpler version of the creme brulee).

A big part of making creme brulee is creating that caramel crust by melting/burning the sugar on top. Until now i had a eletric machine that would heat up and brun the sugar but the problem with it was that it made a lot of smoke and it was a pain to clean. I only got that because i couldn`t find a torch in stores for creme brulee, until this week.
I got this at a home supply and decor store called "casa" (which translates to "Home") and i got it for 9.9 which was the same price as the electric burner.

I have to say i was expecting it to be different. First, it didn`t had any fuel in it for safety reasons, but that was fine because i had a bottle to refill the lighters at home. Then when i first tried it i was expecting it to burn the sugar quickly but instead you have to circle around with the torch but at least it doesn`t get as burned as the previous ones like that on the picture.

The flame is adjustable in different ways, so you can get a bigger or smaller frame and also make it more precise or not.
In terms of the design, they had it in black or in red and i brought the red one because it stood out more and it will be easier to locate. The grip is nice and its comfortable to use.

Overall, it was a good buy. It was my first time this so i was expecting it to be different but it isnt exactly bad and a big positive part is that it doesnt leave a lot of smoke in the room and it doesnt need to be cleaned every time you use it.

(btw, the second picture is just to show the creme brulee and the end result with the electric burner)

<strong>Do you have a torch like this?
Do you like creme brulee?</strong>

(pics are mine)

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