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5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I have been wearing contacts for about 4 years now. I like contacts and I`m used to them. I`ve always worn the brand "air optics aqua" but my eye doctor recommended something new. As far as I know the other ones are fine, but these new ones are supposed to be "top of the line" or something haha. My new ones are called biofinity. It says

-AQUAFORM comfort science
-tinted soft contacts

I have noticed that they dry out just a little more than my old ones (nothing eyedrops at the end of the day can`t fix), but the quality is undeniable. You get 6 in a box. My insurance gets me 3 boxes. At 1 month of wear that is 9 months. I usually go a month and a half to two moths, but you`re not supposed to. I am a little bad at sleeping in them. I never go over 1 night though. You have to remember to clean them and all that good stuff, it really is important.

When I picked up the contacts I also got a sample of solution. It is "pure moist". I switch up solutions. I`ve used bio true and store brands. I think its all the same really. Also for eye drops I use "blink". its over the counter and a little expensive so you can use your solution as drops if you need to.

So all in all I`m happy to try this new brand and everything seems ok so far. I can see! lol o and just one more thing, my prescription is -1.75. its very common and not very strong, but I can`t see without it haha

*pictures mine*

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