New Coca Cola machines!!

4 years ago

Hola! :)
This past sunday we went to Burger King (see my previous post) and i knew it had been a while since i went there, but they`ve made lots of changes!!!! Instead of having a regular menu board like all other fast food restaurants, my BK had flat screen tvs!! It was cool but i had to hurry up & look because it would change, but anyways, BK also added a new Coca Cola machine!! I`ve read about these but this is the first time i`ve seen one!! (That`s my mami at the machine, lol) The machine is pretty cool!! It`s wayyy smaller than the usual ones and its touch screen!! It gives you several options of different soda brands like Fanta, Coke, Pepsi & so on, and once you click on the one you want, it`ll take you to another screen that will break the options down even more, different flavors, diet, zero. it`s pretty awesome!! I was in awe! haha. The ice is right there so you push your cup back like you would do regularly and your cup stays there for the soda, once you pick the drink of your choice, you just press the button until you fill your cup. The only negative to me is that only one person can go at a time so it does cause a small line in front of the machine, plus so many people werent catching on to how it works that it made the process tougher. Overall i thought it was pretty awesome, have you ever seen one of the new coke machines??

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