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5 years ago

Hello luuuxers so google changed the captchas and aded images to it what makes it easier to make comments because we can see the numbers more easier and we don`t have the problem of the Recaptcha.
I have seen some of this new captchas here on luuux when im adding a coment...
Maiby when you will be adding a comment here on my post it might appear this new captchas lol.
This numbers (images)where taken from street view of Google and you can see the numbers something cool, because the other ones we couldn`t even understand what was there.
We all know that luuux need to have captchas because of the spam but with these new captchas is more easier to post comments because you can see what is the numbers and just tipe them on the comment box with the other words and that`s it.


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Have you seen this captchas here on luuux?
What do you think of these captchas?

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