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5 years ago

Since getting my Nikon D5100 from the luuux shop I have been in love!!! It was the best Luuux shop purchase decision I have ever made! Lol
Okay so I got the Nikon D5100 and it came with the 55-200mm DX VR lens. Its a great lens, but I needed a kit lens for taking pictures for my posts mainly for taking pictures of makeup. My camera didnt come with a kit lens and I know the Cannon Rebel in the shop does come with a kit lens but not a longer zoom lens like my 55-200mm lens. I didnt mind that mine didnt come with a kit lens because I would rather get the lens that I got from the shop then for me have to buy it with my own money because its much more expensive then a kit lens. So I searched all over to find a good price on a kit 18-55mm DX VR lens. They run at about $200 but I was able to find one for only $130 on Newegg. Score! Then I also got a Nikon camera bag. Its totally nerdy but with an expensive camera like this I need one especially since Im going to be traveling a lot this summer so needed something to keep it safe. When I first searched for camera bags I was shocked at how expensive they were! Nikon ones start to run at about $60 and I thought that was completely ridiculous so I searched on Amazon and found one for only $25. My cousin actually has this same camera bag for her Nikon too. The bag is the right size and it fits my camera and my 2 lenses perfectly. The bag is a good size and it also has a lot of compartments and pockets which is good to store extra batteries, battery charger, cleansing cloths, and all that other camera goods.

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