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3 years ago

I had never heard about Snowberry brand before but when I came across their website and their philosophy, something caught my eyes and I really wanted to know more about this brand.

About the brand:
Soraya Hendesi, companys founder and cosmetician, Like many people was disappointed with her search for a safe and effective beauty line that would actually show results. I was simply unable to find skin care that I felt I could trust. So the Snowberry brand was born, and with it, products made from bio actives found in New Zealands natural resources that dont compromise functionality or safety.
Created in New Zealand in 2007, this premium skincare is free of the potentially harmful found in many skincare products. But Snowberry is much, much more than simply natural.
Snowberry beauty say NO to ingredients like: Parabens, Nano Particles, Mineral Oils or Silicones, Propylene or Butylene Glycols, Volatile alcohols, artificial colors, DEA or MEA ingredients, also NO Animal Products (with the exception of honey, keratin (from sheeps wool), and cultured coral) just for that this brand is already a winner to me.
The brand really cares about you and your skin, their products do not contain anything that can hurt your skin, its actually the other way around, they only use ingredients that they can trust to be truly beneficial and truly safe for your skin.
These products are all made with natural plant extracts so we dont have sacrifice quality to use natural products and thats what makes Snowberry is a very unique company.

How is Snowberry different?
Snowberry has better ingredients. Like very high anti-oxidant loadings, including superior, skin compatible conjugated vitamins A, C and E, contains more super fruit extracts, is also formulated for specific anti-ageing functionality, including collagen stimulation, reduced skin discoloration, anti-inflammation, anti-free radical, anti-glycation, anti-metalloproteinase, and improved barrier function rather than simple moisturising with some added marketing benefit.
Snowberry is a family enterprise and no-one but Snowberry ever touches Snowberry products from us to you. And Snowberry customers are welcome to visit the Snowberry Gardens where New Zealand rainforest plants are cultivated for exciting new-to-the-world ingredients such as the omega-rich harakeke oil.
What makes snowberry different is TRUST because when it comes to skin care, Soraya Hendesi wont compromise. No inferior ingredients, no health risks and it must work. Hers and Snowberry`s mission is unswerving: To create anti-ageing skin care that every woman can trust, absolutely.

I think is also important to talk about their packages design that Im absolutely in love with and I will keep the packages for sure, I cant throw it away. You can see that the company really cares about quality not only whats inside the packages but the package itself.
All their boxes have artwork on, they contain colorful, bright and young graphics. Each product has its own distinctive coloring and the vibrations of these boxes are what also make the brand different and successful, many people (like me) cant bring themselves to throw away Snowberrys distinctive packaging!

I received from Snowberry 2 of their products for skin: Simply Delicious Moisturiser and the Gentle Remineralising Toner.
I will be using these products for about 2 to 3 weeks, daily, so that I can write a full review about them, I will show you the differences I notice on my skin, what makes this products and Snowberry different from others skin brands and if the products make everything that they promise :) I did a little research and I found out that the Gentle Remineralising Toner is 99.68% natural, which made me really excited to start using it.

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