New Boat! Yay!

4 years ago

So, my parents are both investors, also knows as "sharks"; they thought it was time to get a new boat since we just bought another home and is moving in the next month or so (not a major priority). So I just wanted to share the new boat that we had bought this morning. ***IN NO RIGHT OR WAY AM I TRYING TO PURPOSEFULLY BRAG OR SHOW OFF MY FAMILY`S MONEY, AND THINGS.*** The boat is a beauty. It was dropped off at my personal business office and is waiting for being air shipped to the Miami beach house, but in this time I get to see it all I want until Saturday.. :/ It`s a "OUTERLIMITS 42` LEGACY-TWIN 900 SC" Humongous boat! It has two POWERFUL 900 SC Mercury Racing Engines. It`s also 42 feet long. The trailer even says "Pull it in style"! haha! But we got to get a new trailer, we are getting a new one that will match the boat once it is flown to the house.. So, I`m officially happy and it was about time to get a new boat. Before we had a Chaparral 254 Xtreme.. But this one is by far better! And plus I know you may think we are crazy and stupid for getting a new boat in like October.. but in Miami, it`s like never cold.. Sun all day everyday! Hope you enjoyed! c: ( Photos are mine! )

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