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4 years ago

I have decided to start a blog off Luuux. I have created two using Blogger. one will be coverings everything from Health to fashion! the other is strictly for my culinary endeavors! I`ve very excited about these two new blogs! I always wonder when people post their other blogs how it will differ from their Luuux blogs So this is how mine will! 1. Post will be made at any times while on luuux they`re made between 7pm (eastern) and 10pm and only on weekdays. 2. There will be more personal posts, not just products and reviews. I`ll be adding a lot more personal things to it. 3. The Giveaways! I`ll be having my next giveaway through this blog. I`ll advertise it here on luuux, but it will be mostly dealt with through my blogger account. Where can you find these accounts? Right Here and Here Now the part you`ve all been waiting for. The giveaway! I have been collecting prizes and i am still not finished. I don`t have the first prize completed yet but there will be 3 prizes. First prize will be valued about $50 Second will be around $25 Third will be whatever i want it to be :) I love making people happy and giving things away! so if you`re interested in entering and have something in mind you been wanting or interested in share it below! It might end up in the giveaway!
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