New Bladeless Heart Fan!

5 years ago

My sister`s room get`s so hot it`s not funny, and no matter how much she tries two fans don`t cut it, especially when she is trying to get to bed because of the sound of the blades going around! So when our dad bought her this beautiful fan she was so excited!
<em> If you are wondering, her room can not get air conditioned installed or a proper fan, because of how it is built, it was an extension to the house done years before we moved in. </em>

<strong> PROS</strong>
- Does not make any sound!
- Works just as well as any other fan.
-It can also rotate and you can control the speed of it.
- It is simple to use.
- It also looks good, like a decoration, not like another fan.
- It`s not expensive! I`m not sure how much my dad payed for it, because I think he got it from EBAY, but it retails around <strong> $36.90</strong> but some can get more expensive!
- Comes in different Colors.
- Can reach speeds of 35km/hr.
-Makes a cool persistent airflow.
-No pollution, more energy efficent, environment friendly, low carbon and no more cutting hands or fingers off ;) (Or getting hair stuck, which seemed to happen to me)
- I would also use it to dry my nails! Just another way to use it!
- You can get different shapes!

<strong> CONS</strong>
- Some can get expensive, just depends where you look. So don`t get ripped off.

As you can see there are hardly any cons, and the con can be avoided! I Recommend this , especially for younger children so you know they are safe, and such, because they have such small hands and fingers that you never know!

<em> My sister is going to most likely get another one, and when I move out one day I will get one for a room that can`t get air conditioning or something, but this would also make a cute and effective present!</em>

<strong> Have you got one of these? Have you seen these before?</strong>

<strong> WANT ONE?</strong>
- <strong> $36.90</strong>
-;_sacat=0&amp;_odkw=bladeless+electric+fan&amp;_osacat=0&amp;_from=R40 <strong>Different varieties</strong>

<strong> All photos are mine, please do not steal</strong>

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