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4 years ago

I just got back from vacation yesterday around midnight and am so excited to resume my Luuux posts! :) I had a great time and can`t wait to share all the lovely goodies I picked up while I was gone. I`m beginning with this new bikini top I got!

If you`ve read my Running Diaries, you`ll know that I`ve been working toward getting healthier and more fit and I have actually dropped 15 pounds. So that means a lot of my clothes no longer fit me properly, lol. But that also means that I braved going in a bikini to the pool while on vacation! I was nervous, but also excited, lol. I don`t think I`m necessarily 100% bikini body ready, but I figured why the hell not. I decided to buy a new bikini top on vacation, though, because I didn`t like how the one I brought with me was fitting. So off to Target I went!

I found this absolutely adorable top on one of the first racks I looked through. It didn`t have a tag on it, though, so I wasn`t sure how much it was going to be. I just wanted something cheap that fit and looked nice, lol. I tried on about seven or eight different ones, but this one was the winner! :)

The top itself is black but has a gorgeous pendant in the middle - I`m in love with it! It ties around the back as well as around the neck (unfortunately, it can`t become strapless, but that`s okay). The ties actually have leopard print on them which I thought was kind of cool. I just love the way it looks! :D And the price ended up being only $14 which was awesome! So I`d definitely recommend giving Target a try if you`re looking for a new and inexpensive swimsuit! :)

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