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4 years ago

this is actually a bit of a belated post as i`ve had the bag for almost a month now, but i thought i`d share my thoughts on it for those of you who are contemplating getting it. i know it has become quite popular, so hopefully this will be helpful!

to start off with, this is actually my second MAC bag. my first was a full sized MAC clutch in a gray color. i got that bag from hautelook for a really good price, and i highly suggest checking hautelook/gilt for a deal on full sized MAC bags. however, i have never seen a mini MAC on either of those sites, or really any discount sites for that matter!

i got this bag from amazon when they had a 25% off coupon code, so i think i got a pretty good deal. not the best, but for a classic black mini MAC i`m happy! they will probably never go on any sort of clearance sale, so the best way to go is to find a coupon code that does not exclude rebecca minkoff.

i like the size of this bag. originally, i wasn`t quite sure if i needed it at all but:
1) i actually only own one black bag
2) the one black bag i own is falling apart
3) a small black bag is highly versatile
...and so i ended up getting the bag!

it is a nice size. i can fit my wallet (not one of those long envelope wallets but a tri-fold from fossil), phone, keys (which are attached to a lanyard and many of those store keychain card things), and some lip products for touch ups. these contents do not make the bag look bulky whatsoever, which i love! i also love the detailing i.e. the studs on the bottom which make me look way edgier than i am - i`m really a very conservative/boring/plain dresser. the quality of the leather is fantastic and soft and supple, no complaints there! honestly, i love this bag. there`s not much to dislike.

1) my full sized MAC bag did not have studs on the strap. i`ve noticed that a lot of bags from discount sites do not have studs. that doesn`t necessarily make the bags fake. i did a lot of research on RM bags before i bought this mini MAC, and the thing is that there is a lot of variation. everything from the lining to the studding on the strap may vary. because the bags that are sold on discount sites may have been samples, that might be why they don`t have the studs. i also know that RM`s popular made in NYC bags do not have studs on the straps, and those come straight from her warehouse in new york. BUT I DIGRESS... the point is that the studding rips out my hair on occasion, which i`m not quite fond of. i read about others who had this same complaint but some people said they never experienced that problem. i still took the gamble and yes, my hair does get caught. however, i just try and be careful. i do like the look of the studs on the strap.
2) apparently, there used to be an inside slip pocket on the mini MACs but that no longer is the case. some people complain about this, but i could care less. the old pocket was quite small from what i heard and could barely fit anything. i`m fine with putting everything into one compartment... i mean it`s just my wallet, keys, phone, etc.

bottom line: i love the bag. i`ve used it as a clutch a few times and mostly as a shoulder bag and i am very happy with it. i expect it will last me a really long time. it was about time i invested in a black bag with a hint of edge! i still think it`s timeless enough though :)

let me know if you have any questions, and like i said at the beginning of the post, i hope this is helpful for those of you who are contemplating the purchase!

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